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Markets Served

Lange Mechanical Services, L.P., designs, installs, and services
HVAC and Refrigeration Systems for all segments of the market.

We provide solutions for HVAC systems, Controls and Security to meet the needs of Commercial owners and multi facilities owners. We understand when there is an interruption in HVAC service it can impact a company’s efficiency and potentially affect everyday operations and tenant retention.

We provide HVAC solutions for all levels of education. From      preschool centers to universities, we recognize that a comfortable setting promotes better learning and helps keep students and educators focused.

Governmental / Municipal
We offer repair service, maintenance programs and construction of HVAC systems to Governmental / Municipal facilities such as courthouses, post offices, libraries, police stations and other government buildings. We meet and exceed the needs of any endeavor, no matter how big or small.

We realize an efficient running HVAC system, along with a clean environment is vital to hospitals, medical office buildings, clinics and nursing homes.  We are receptive to their needs and construct our response and delivery with the patient, doctors and staff in mind.

We provide services to manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and industrial chemical plants to ensure proper shutdown and maintenance are accomplished in a timely manner. We understand that on-the-job incidents will affect both our Company and our Industrial/Manufacturing customers. We understand the importance of safety and that it is not compromised.

We design and service mechanical systems for institutions and understand it is important for the community to have a safe and clean environment.

We know business depends on a comfortable environment for customers that buy merchandise and services. We work closely with retailers to keep their mechanical systems running correctly to minimize disruption.