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Safety is a Priority:
Lange Mechanical Services, LP realizes the significance of safety in our own workplace and for that reason; we employ a dedicated Safety Director responsible for managing the company’s Safety development and Safety Awareness programs.

Our Safety Director is OSHA-trained, as are all superintendents and Project Managers. We emphasize safety and its benefits across all our employees and subcontractors, from training to jobsite inspections to incident case management. We follow up on all incidents, involve customers in follow-ups, and report the results of any issues back to them.safetysign

We understand that on-the-job incidents can and will affect both our Company and our Customers. Safe job performance, as well as an understanding of how safety affects our customers, makes Lange Mechanical the HVAC contractor you can count on.

We believe that operational excellence is not attainable without formal safety processes and procedures in place. We hold our employees accountable and so can you.

For a copy of our recent combined EMR history please contact our Safety director at 713-688-3861.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility!